10 Tips to Make Good Coffee with Your Moka

Scritto da Jean-Claude Luvini il 01/04/20

[estimated reading time = 2 min]

When we think of coffee at home, it's the Moka that comes to mind!

Its shape, the gestures it requires, the perfume it releases in the house. For many, a memory of childhood, of our grandparents' home, of Sunday lunches with the big family.

Today the Moka continues to live in many kitchens. It's an easy way to prepare coffee for one, three, six or even twelve people. shotlist-mn2tsPe6Oe8-unsplash (3)

Everybody has their opinion on how best to use it... I share with you 10 fundamental tips:

1. MATERIAL: the stainless steel moka is better than the aluminum one. It has the advantage of being more robust, easier to wash and healthier than the moka made of aluminum (a slightly toxic metal that migrates into the coffee, although in very small doses).

2. WASHING: after using the moka, it is correct to wash it (it is not true that leaving the coffee grounds used inside it, makes the next coffee better!). It should be washed with hot water or with a neutral detergent. Avoid scented detergents and the dishwasher.

3. WATER: fill the boiler up to the valve, without exceeding this level. Some recommend mineral water, but this applies only if you aren't sure about the quality of your tap water.

4. COFFEE: we recommend a coffee not too dark and with a medium grind (slightly larger than espresso). Coffee lovers tend to buy coffee in beans, grind it at home, just before using it. If too fine, the coffee will be bitter.

5. DOSE: the coffee must be put in the filter without filling it completely. No need to create a hill! Simply distribute the coffee well, create a uniform surface, without pressing it!eric-barbeau-dPzqzWI6AO8-unsplash (1)

6. HEAT: keep the flame low. Remove the moka from the fire when the gurgling begins! If you wait until all the water rises, the coffee will be bitter.

7. COVER: can be left closed or open, the taste won't change! Keeping it open allows us to see when it starts to gurgling begins.

8. MIX the coffee with a teaspoon directly in the moka, before serving it.

9. CUPS: compared to espresso cups at the bar, for coffee from the moka we recommend finer porcelain.

10. ALONE or IN COMPANY? As you wish! Important now is that we stay home :)