With or without sugar?

Scritto da Jean-Claude Luvini il 14/09/21


The idea that sugar should not be added to coffee is quite widespread. Partly for health reasons, partly because it is believed that sugar alters the taste and aroma of coffee.

Some people are almost embarrassed when they open the bag. But an article by a great coffee expert comes to their rescue.

Luigi Odello, President of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters, writes:


"Sugar is for coffee like a magnifying glass. It amplifies many of the odorous substances present in coffee, so it makes good coffees better and those that are unpleasant displeasure worse." 


For those who have to choose a coffee blend, the expert's advice is therefore to taste the coffee first without sugar and then with sugar.

The suggested concentration is 5-10%, in an espresso about 3 grams (today's most popular sugar sachets contain 5 grams, which is a bit much. However, to avoid waste, 3-gram sachets are also becoming popular).

After all, around 80% of the population drinks coffee with sugar. What is the point of creating a blend without making sure that they will like it too?