Virtual Coffee. Strong Nevertheless

Scritto da Jean-Claude Luvini il 14/04/20

In these times many of us are invited to join group video conferences. Even just to say hello and share experiences. It was inevitable to notice how, in spite of the physical separation, coffee is almost always present in one way or another.

Sometimes as the subject line of the invitation email, other times in the photo of the opening slide, or in the form of the cups held by participants... once even in the form of a big Moka held by the speaker to welcome us!

What does this tell us about coffee?

I see it as a strong reminder of the central role coffee plays in our culture. The role of “connector”. Beyond its origin and flavours, coffee is the pretext we use every day to meet and speak with family, friends, colleagues, suppliers, clients and… even to connect with ourselves!

A beverage that in the strict physiological sense is certainly not essential to our survival. Yet we have come to consider it essential. Because in a way it is. The symbol of our way to “bridge” the distance between us and our fellow human beings. Even now. Especially now.